A 100% textile pressure mat

TexiSense has developed pressure sensors capable of measuring a normal pressure using textile fibers weaved or knitted in a specific pattern. This technology makes it possible to create a pressure-sensitive fabric with the desired number of pressure-sensing sites : from a few up to thousands of spots. The sensor nature makes it possible to measure normal pressures but also stretching forces through a specific sensor design.

Custom sensing patterns

... and colors

A completely flexible pressure sensor

The TexiSense pressure mat is made of 100% textile fibers, which gives it its original properties. Thanks to its flexibility the sensor can perfectly fit any anatomical area where pressure, deformation or stretching measurements need to be done (buttocks, foot, stump, etc).

Example : A "smart cover" for a wheelchair cushion made of TexiSense fabric can continuously monitor the pressures at the cushion/buttocks interface of the seated person.

Second example : A "smart sock" produced on a standard weaving loom using the TexiSense fibers has two sensors: one under the talus and another under the metatarsal heads. This device can be used as an odometer - to count steps or strides - but the smart sock can also measure foot contact and lift durations, pressures, spent energy, etc.

The sock

The sensors

Measure of floor pressures