Texisense Company collaborates with TIMC-IMAG and AGIM research laboratories, that belong to Grenoble University and CNRS, and with the IFTH (french institute for textile anf clothing). The TIMC-IMAG and AGIM labs bring their expertise in Health Technologies, home-care monitoring and biomedical modeling, and the IFTH contribute with its experience in technical textiles. Texisense, TIMC-IMAG, AGIM and IFTH are partners of the ANR project "Intelligent Diabetic Socks" funded by the French ANR TecSan 2010. This project got a label from the Techtera Cluster (Technical Textiles Rhône-Alpes).

Texisense got the honors and was laureate of the French Ministry of Research (2011 OSEO challenge for innovative spin-off companies).