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Our Technology is

Our connected textiles are exclusive. Flexible, extendable, and comformable, they perfectly adapt to the body shape, allowing an accurate measurement of pressures and a reliable diagnosis.

Our patented sensor technology is directly knitted within the fabric matrix. This makes our textiles extremely resistant, conformable, and even washable.

Our connected textiles are produced on traditional knitting machinery. This allows cost-effectiveness as well as easy scalability of our production capacity.

Our applications.
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Texis - teximat texicare
TexiMat measures interface pressures exerted on bed-ridden and mobility impaired patients, allowing healthcare professionals to assess the risk for pressure sores.

It also enables to identify the positioning asymetries and helps mobility impaired patients to adequately position themselves.
Teximat’s high resolution, thinness, conformability and easy connectivity are higly appreciated by occupational therapists in rehabilitation centers.


Texis - texifeet
TexiFeet™ helps podiatrists to establish a reliable and precise diagnosis, allowing the design of custom made orthopaedic insoles.

Thanks to its flexibility and thinness, TexiFeet is the only pressure mapping system which measures interface pressures between the foot and the insole, allowing the validation of the efficacy of the insole. It is the “3rd eye”many podiatrists have been waiting for!


Texis - Texisocks
Texisocks connected socks contribute to reducing the falls for patients at risk, by detecting a standing position and alerting the medical staff.

Texisocks assist both healthcare professionals and patients in their rehabilitation and weight bearing activities.
Several American hospitals and long term care facilities are equiped with TexiSocks.

a leading player

in the development and marketing of exclusive custom made products, designed to help medical staff and patients in situations where mechanical constraints on the human body generate lesions.

Texis brings:

a precise and reliable diagnosis of risks related to pressures
mastering at each stage: from pressure measurement and personalized diagnosis to decision-making

the capacity to adapt our technology to the evolution of marketplace needs

Texis provides its technologies to its partners:

by supplying custom made products and associated electronic and software solutions

by reaching license agreements

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and scientific rigour

Our technology, products, software and algorithms are first and foremost based on a rigorous scientific approach.

To warrant this, we have engaged in numerous international partnerships, and closely work with experts in the domain of pressure-induced and diabetic wounds.

Many prizes, amongst which the prestigious Blaise Pascal Award, have rewarded our will to combine innovation and scientific rigour.

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unique !

Let us develop together your future product
or custom made solution…

Texis markets its products under its own brand, to business partners.

Yet, our main approach is to supply our parters with products and solutions corresponding to their specific needs, under their own brand.

We offer complete solutions which include our unique sensing fabrics, electronics, as well as the associated software.